The Website will now be updated with a constant flow of material and general communication. When material has been agreed on and deemed ready for public view, it shall be uploaded onto the Website for your viewing pleasure.


So make sure to check the Website often.

Community Contests

We are happy to announce that during the development of Lot3k we shall be running a numerous amount of community contests. Winners may even have their material used in Lot3k.

Do you wish to participate?

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Welcome to Legends of the Three Kingdoms

Welcome to Legends of the Three Kingdoms™

Welcome to www.Lot3k.com, the website of a NwN2 persistant world in the making. The Lot3k team will release teasers and information about the progress of their work on the new world here on the website, so please do check this website often. The name of the new server will be, Legends of the Three Kingdoms™. We offer you a warm welcome and hope to see you when the server goes live.

Thank you,

The Lot3k Team


The Story Begins UPDATED!

Legends of the Three Kingdoms™ - The Story Begins.

Read about Mage Rushkin - Part IV Now updated

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Latest News: New Lot3k Team Structure & Leadership

It has come to a time where the Lot3k team wish to share with you what has been going on behind the scenes. Mainly, our change in leadership and a re-structure which we feel should be shared with those who are eagerly awaiting news of progress to do with Lot3k.

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Site Update: Part 3 of 'The Story Begins' & FAQ Update

The much awaited third installment of our first of hopefully many teaser series "The Story Begins" has now finally been released for your reading pleasure. Eager to find out what happened next to Mage Rushkin? Eager to detect the hidden messages we've left in the teaser story about our new world? Well all this can now be done! Enjoy the read.

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The FAQ page has also been updated with a few answers to questions many of you have.

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Latest News 23.10.06 - Read the Latest News!

dwarfheadRead all about the races that will be making an appearance in Legends of the Three Kingdoms™ & Havenhall.

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A detailed world:

The detail level of the new world will be huge. Details about the cosmos, solar system, planets, calendar, sky charts and astrology is only one tiny part of the whole structure, as well as custom drawn planets for lot3k.com.

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